Maid of Honour Cleaning


Please Note that we tailor our Services to meet the needs of our Clients, It’s a much better idea to give us a Call or Send us an Email to see how better we can serve you.

Our average Services include:

Basic Cleaning:

  • Emptying the Trash
  • Dusting/Wiping your Desktops, Shelves, Counter-tops, Tabletops, etc.
  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping Floors
  • One Monthly Detailed Clean at no Extra charge*

Detailed Cleaning:

Same as Basic Cleaning but with the Added:

  • Phones and Keyboards Sanitized
  • Door Handles Sanitized
  • Dishes Washed
  • Custom Requests
  • Window Cleaning at a Discount (Exterior) (For Clients Only)
  • Lawn-care/Landscaping at a Discount (For Clients Only)

House Sitting Services – Leave your Home in our care when heading off on your Vacation or if you Simply travel a lot.

  • We can turn your lights off or on at your request,
  • Double check on anything in your home if you need us to e.g. When you have the feeling you’ve left something on…
  • Pick up or Check your mail if you’re expecting something important or just want it picked up,
  • Pick up newspapers and/or Flyers tossed onto the front lawn by various delivery persons

Just a few Benefits of Working with Us:

  • One number for all your Cleaning Inquiries
  • Tailored Cleaning Detail
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Well Trained Employees
  • No harsh Products or Chemicals
  • 24/7 Working Hours
  • Quality Service
  • Regular Promotions and Special Offers for New and Current Clients!