Maids of Honour Cleaning


Cleaning and Janitorial Services

A service we offer to Medium and Corporate sized Businesses.

We are flexible and have solutions for both during and after your regular office hours.

  • Our employees are well trained, respectful and experienced
  • Green Clean
  • Gyms, Dance Studios, Recording Studios, Schools, etc.
  • We have all the equipment and solutions necessary for providing a “Clean that you can Feel”.

AirBNB Cleaning Management

A service that caters to busy clients in the AirBNB Business.

We take the headache of managing the cleanliness of your properties between guests, extending the mostly automated AirBNB service and saving you time to do things of more importance.

  • Direct Scheduling – plug our number or email in and we handle the scheduling from there.
  • Exterior Brush-up – outside cleanliness should be taken as seriously as inside.
  • General AirBNB Clean – our standard clean done by well trained and experienced professionals. Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Appliances (No deep clean)… No corners cut and a Clean you can Feel.
  • Garbage – depending on location, garbage can be a challenge for some clients, we provide possible solutions.
  • On-Site Laundry – standard with our General AirBNB Clean, we also remake the beds.
  • Gifts/Cards/Knick Knacks – Some Clients mail items to our office location for distribution to their property on cleaning day.